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Therappy can help:
Calm anxiety
Cope with
panic attacks
Overcome the fear of flying
Let go of the «shoulds»
Deal with
Get over insomnia
Relax mind and body
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What is Therappy?
Therappy is a self-therapy mental coach that teaches how to cope with anxiety, burnout, stress and other mild psychological issues.

Therappy courses are based on the Cognitive Behavioral approach that is considered to be the gold-standard of psychotherapy by many specialists.
How does it work?
  • Download the app.
  • Go through new gratitude practices and sleep exercises. Get new exercises daily.
  • Choose a course or emergency situation relevant to your psychological state.
  • Listen to the audio sessions anywhere, anytime.
  • Complete the exercises after listening to the session.
  • Reflect on your inner changes.
  • Improve your quality of life.
What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and how does it work?
Effectively, CBT works as a psychological cookbook: you come with a problem, CBT gives you a recipe to fix that problem. Numerous research studies suggest that CBT leads to significant improvement in functioning and quality of life. In many studies, CBT has been demonstrated to be as effective as, or more effective than, other forms of psychological therapy or psychiatric medications.

By learning the CBT theory basics and by doing practical exercises, you will develop coping skills, change your automatiс thinking patterns, control problematic emotions, and, hence, improve your quality of life by making healthier choices.
What is the difference between the Therappy course and therapy appointment?
What is the difference between taking a Therappy course and going to an off-line therapist appointment?

We think that qualified therapists are cool and Therappy does not intend to replace them. You could choose Therappy in three cases:

  1. If you want to improve the quality of your life in general. By learning about CBT strategies, how distorted thinking patterns work, you'll be able change them and make healthier choices in your life.

  2. If you want to supplement regular talk-therapy to aid you in-between the sessions. Should anxiety kick in right after your regular session, you'll know how to control it better.

  3. If you are afraid of going to personal talk-therapy. Sometimes we get embarrassed speaking about our personal problems to another person, even if that person is a psychotherapist. Therappy will help you demystify therapy in general and, hopefully, get your first positive results.
I still have questions. What should I do?
Please send you questions to this email:
A certified therapist will answer your inquiry.
If you are in a life-threatening situation, please call 911 or get immediate help through one of these resources.

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